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With a wooden staircase handrail for more safety in your own home 

A handrail brings you the necessary and desired mobility and safety within your own four walls and protects you from dangerous falls on your stairs. Therefore, a handrail, handrail holder and matching stair railing are needed in every home. For your stair handrail and the corresponding handrail accessories, we offer you sturdy wood from the domestic growth area, which not only convinces with a wonderful warm look, but also with the required grip to hold on optimally. Every staircase should have a handrail. It makes climbing and living easier and safer.

Wooden handrails for stairs are a popular choice when it comes to combining both style and functionality. They add a natural and warm charm to stairs while providing solid support when climbing up and down. We have wooden handrails available in a variety of styles, wood species and finishes to suit your individual preferences and the décor of a room.

A wooden handrail is not only a practical element, but also an aesthetic feature that can enhance the overall look of a staircase. The choice of wood species influences the appearance and durability of the handrail. Hardwood species such as oak, maple or beech are popular because of their robustness and durability. They are resistant to wear and tear and provide a solid base for daily use.

The surface treatment of the wooden handrail also plays an important role. A clear lacquer finish emphasises the natural beauty of the wood and protects against moisture and wear. Alternatively, a stained finish can give the handrail a darker hue and create a more elegant look. The choice of finish depends on individual preferences and the desired style of the room.

Installing a wooden handrail requires a solid attachment to the wall to provide secure and reliable support. This can be achieved by using wall brackets or supports specifically designed for handrails, which you can purchase from our shop.

We have wooden handrails available in a variety of shapes and profiles: from straight handrails to omega and square, there are a variety of options to complement the architectural style of your staircase. Furthermore, wooden handrails can be complemented with additional elements such as handrail supports or end caps to enhance the overall look.

What are the options for the handrails:

  • Lengths: 0,1m to 4,5m to your exact measure (longer lengths on request)
  • Wood: Beech, oak, pine, maple, ash, beech white and black 
  • Shape: round, omega, square
  • Surface: painted, raw (untreated) or coated
  • Diameter: 35, 40, 42, 45 and 50mm
  • End cap machining: rounded, chamfered, capped, end arch, end cap wood, end cap stainless steel, end cap brass, drilled
  • Groove: with or without, groove size on request

Why you should buy a wooden handrail: 

  • Safety when climbing stairs and protection against dangerous situations
  • High quality wood for your stairs
  • Very good grip
  • Handrails up to 4,5m made to measure
  • Large selection with many handrail options
  • Mobility until old age in your own home
  • Consulting and service up to installation and beyond
  • Special designs by arrangement possible
Klick Sachsen
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