Handrail Set Beech

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Handrail sets in beech up to 400 cm in one piece to your measure

To make stairs both functional and safe, beech wood offers hardness, stability and durability, making it an ideal choice for handrails. These handrails are available from us in a variety of finishes and come as a set with matching brackets.

Beech is a robust wood species with a fine grain and a warm, natural colour tone. It gives handrails a timeless elegance and blends well with different room styles, whether classic, modern or rustic. Beech handrails can be available in different profiles and shapes to suit individual preferences and the requirements of a staircase.

Our wooden handrails in sets consist of a round handrail made of beech or a profiled handrail and are supplied with matching brackets made of stainless steel, which ensure a solid attachment to the wall. You can also find other handrail brackets in our shop. You can determine your own dimensions and specify whether you want stainless steel or rounded ends. They are already cut to the desired length and can be easily mounted on the wall with the appropriate brackets. This offers a practical solution, especially for DIY and renovation projects that require a quick and uncomplicated installation.

Choose from a variety of finishes. Some prefer the natural beauty of the wood and leave the handrail untreated, while others finish it with a clear varnish or oil to protect it from moisture and wear.

We offer our beech handrails in a set with brackets in a variety of finishes, profiles and surface treatments: a wide range of options to suit the individual style and requirements of your staircase. Whether it's a new design or a renovation, beech handrail sets enhance the character of a staircase and combine safety and style.

Klick Sachsen
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