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Beech wood

Is an important native hardwood from Germany. It is very hard and resistant. The basic color is bright and after damping (short heating) it becomes slightly reddish. It is very well suited for internal construction and the processing of the wood is easy. In the shop, it is available in lacquered, raw or oiled.


Is a long-fiber and large-pored hardwood, has a distinctive structure and is characterized by a bright hue. Under the influence of light it gets darker. Oak has a high resistance to wear and is therefore suitable for handrails or stairs. In the shop it is available as light oak in lacquered, raw or oiled condition.


Is a ring-pored hardwood and is characterized by its decorative striped or folded drawing. It is a very heavy and hard wood. The high elasticity and abrasion resistance are ideal for use with ballet barres. The surface can be easily edited. The wood is very suitable for interior design, since it is hardly weather-resistant. In our shop it is available lacquered, raw or oiled.


Is a straight fiber coniferous wood. It is moderately to medium-hard and one of the most important indigenous woods. It has a beautifully colored reddish-brown color nucleus, darkened by light. The wood is very elastic and weather-resistant, so it is suitable for outdoor use. In the shop it is available lacquered, raw or oiled.


Is a luxury tree. The color may be yellowish white or reddish white. It is a medium-heavy wood species and very well suited for indoor cultivation, since it is very durable in dry conditions. The surfaces are easy to edit. You can purchase this wood from us in lacquered, raw or oiled condition.


Is a narrow-cut decorative coniferous wood with reddish-brown to dark red-brown core coloration. It is the hardest wood among the local conifers. It has a high density, is therefore very elastic and has a good strength. Ideal for painting, matting and waxing. Has a very high weather resistance and is therefore suitable for outdoor use.


Is a noble and elegant tropical wood. It has different color gradations, from reddish brown to light brown. It is weather-resistant, and is therefore suitable for outdoor use with proper working. It is a hardwood, has a high resistance and therefore scarcely grows.


Is of American origin. The wood is weather-resistant and has a high resistance to fungi and insects. The walnut can be stained or varnished very well. In addition, the color can be influenced by smoke. It is easy to work, so it is very suitable for nailing, turning or screwing


Is a luxury tree. It is a decorative and elegant wood and has a restrained structure. The wood is hard and has also a warm color. The cherry is very suitable for interior decoration. It is extremely elastic and has a high strength. The processing of the wood can be carried out without problems.

Klick Sachsen
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