Handrail brackets

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Handrail holder for safety and stability for your handrail

For the wall mounting of the handrail you will need either a mostly already existing flat iron or a suitable handrail holder. Choose from 39 different holders in our assortment the one that fits your handrail and your wall for the stable fastening. All wall brackets offer the same stability.

Which handrail bracket should it be?
  • Material: 
    - Stainless steel
    - Brass
    - Stainless steel optics
    - Satin
    - Light alloy in the colours silver, nickel silver, black and white
  • Wall distance:
    65mm, 70mm and 75mm
  • Support surface:
    - round for round handrails
    - straight for profiled handrails
    - for screwing in for round and straight handrails

How many holders for good stability:

  • Handrails            up to 1,95m:  2 Handrail holder
  • Handrails from 2,00 to 3,00m:  3 Handrail holder
  • Handrails from 3,10 to 4,00m:  4 Handrail holder
  • Handrails from 4,10 to 4,50m:  5 Handrail holder

If you need to pull yourself up on the handrail for reasons of age or illness, we recommend one holder per length more.

The right fixing for every wall.
All handrail brackets are supplied with the right fixing material for your wall. If you have special walls, such as a plasterboard wall or a wooden wall, you will find the appropriate fixing material here.

Klick Sachsen
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