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Our wood is primarily sourced from domestic German growing areas.
Very important. We work with paints and varnishes which are accepted by the food industry as free from harmful substances and which are also used in kindergartens and other public buildings. In addition, the glue we use (e.g. to glue posts and balusters) is also free from hazardous substances. Our packaging (cartons, cardboard, filling material) is mostly made of recycled materials.
You are able to view and buy a selection of products at our showroom. We keep the following items in stock: handrails, handrail brackets, handrail end fittings, curved handrail elements, ballet barres and curved handrails in beech (40mm, 42mm, 45mm, 50mm), in oak (42mm + 45mm) and in pine (40mm + 42mm). We are also happy to advise you personally at our premises.
You can order our handrails, ballet barres, and products from our stair banister range in the size and type of wood which fits your requirements. Please contact us using our contact form.


The following diameters are available: 35mm, 40mm, 42mm, 45mm, 50mm We can supply alternative diameters on request. There is no standard diameter. The appropriate size should be chosen according to location and purpose. For example, one shouldn’t install a 55mm-diameter handrail in a kindergarten, because small children would not be able to grasp it properly. In private accommodation a diameter of 42 – 55mm is the accepted standard. For children and older people a diameter of 42 – 44 mm is more suitable, as it can be grasped easily. For toddlers a rail with 35mm diameter is ideal for small hands to grasp.
The following rail end finishes are available:
  • bevelled (the handrail ends are slightly angled)
  • straight cut (the handrail ends are cut straight)
  • wooden end caps (the handrail end is ball-shaped and made of wood)
  • rounded (the handrail ends are lightly rounded)
  • drilled (the handrail ends are drilled on the reverse side)
Additional option for 45mm handrails:
  • Stainless steel end caps (the handrail end is a straight cap made of stainless steel)
Handrails should be mounted at a height of 90 cm. Using the first straight step of your staircase as a starting point, measure the distance of 90 cm straight up from the back edge of the step. This should be the height of the top edge of the handrail. With a straight staircase, the top of the stairs is treated in exactly the same way. If your staircase should have curves or spirals, the first measurement is taken as stated above. The spiral of the staircase gives rise to differing tread measurements and the position of the handrail will need to be judged by eye, ideally with the aid of a second person.
Two people are necessary to fix a handrail to a wall. When attaching the rail, make sure that the brackets are accurately aligned on the handrail. When using non-pre-drilled brackets, first attach one bracket to the handrail. A distance of 20 - 25cm from the ends of the handrail is usually satisfactory. Then you need to mark the places of any additional brackets. To do this, with the assistance of a second person, hold the handrail with attached bracket against the wall. The second bracket is then held at the designated place on the handrail. One of you should then mark through the bracket holes on to the handrail with a pen. You should then pre-drill the handrail to a depth of 3mm and screw the bracket to the handrail. Please note that when installing handrail brackets with hanger bolts, the bracket may not immediately seat itself in exactly the desired position during assembly. In such cases, remove the bracket from the hanger bolt and use the Allen key provided to screw the hanger bolt further into or out of the rail as necessary. Then reattach the bracket so that it lies flush to the wall in the correct place. Now you can, if necessary, hold the handrail against the wall again and mark the places for further brackets. When all brackets have been attached to the rail, hold the rail with the brackets against the wall and mark through the holes of the mounting plates on to the wall. Then drill holes for dowels, and the rail can be mounted.
For a rounded handrail please select brackets with a rounded base. For a profiled handrail (e.g. Omega), please select brackets with a flat base. In addition you have the choice between hanger bolt brackets or screw-hole brackets. Both mounting methods offer the same level of stability. With hanger bolt brackets the mounting is invisible, whereas with screw holes the mounting can be seen. Hanger bolt brackets are supplied with fixing materials (hanger bolts, dowels, screws for attachment to the handrail); brackets with screw holes are supplied with screws for attachment to the handrail and to the wall. Handrail sets with screwed-on brackets are pre-drilled. For specific types of wall which are less stable (clay, half-timber, plaster) we recommend screw-hole mountings. We can also supply longer hanger bolts ((80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm) for a small extra charge. Please contact us if you require longer hanger bolts. If your handrails are to be mounted on to plasterboard, we can supply special metal dowels for a small extra charge. Please contact us regarding your requirements.
If you would like us to install a new solid wood staircase and you live in the Dresden metropolitan area we would be pleased to advise you and provide you with a free quotation. The same applies to the installation of our stair elements.

What happens when you place an order?

Of course. Goods purchased from us may be collected from our premises at the delivery times stated in the product description. Please note that this is possible only when payment is made in cash at the time of collection or after payment in advance. Treppen- und Geländerstudio Graber Am Leutewitzer Park 9 01157 Dresden Mon.-Fri. 8:30 am to 6:00 pm Collection after 6:00 pm, and on Saturdays by appointment only. Please telephone in advance for an appointment.
Delivery times vary from product to product. The exact details can be found in the product description for each item. We will inform you as soon as your order has left our warehouse. Our carrier will contact you regarding a delivery appointment for items over 2.0 metres in length.
If you should by any chance not be satisfied with one of our products, you have the opportunity to return it within fourteen days of receipt of the article. We will collect such goods and cover the immediate costs of their return, with the exception of goods sent by a forwarding agent (goods larger than 2006mm). As soon as we have received and checked the returned goods, we will refund the purchase price. The method of refund will depend on your original method of payment: if you paid by direct debit or bank credit transfer we will transfer the sum to the account used to make payment; if you made payment by PayPal, we will credit your PayPal account. Please contact us in advance if you would like to return a product.
If – contrary to expectations – something should have been forgotten or is not in perfect condition, please contact our customer service. We can be reached from Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 6:00pm under + 49 (0)351 4215281 or by E-Mail at kontakt@treppenshop-dresden.de. Please have your order number available when contacting us.
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